Some people dream of an easier way. We make it happen.


Our products and updates have been developed using feedback from treatment and intervention professionals just like you. It has been designed to be easy to learn, user-friendly, and efficient to help get your workload completed.



Thorough training is available to all new accounts, and free follow up training and support is available 5 days a week. Our users have been anyone from a computer whiz to a computer novice, but all have been able to pick up on the system's functions quickly. It's a simplistic interface for how many tasks it can manage for you from your home, office, or even from a smart phone or tablet.



The system allows you to receive online paperless referrals. Although you will be the subscriber, other community partners such as a judge, probation officer, case worker, who are attached to the case can log in from their own computer terminals and get real-time information on their clients. Their own security level will only show them the clients they're attached to, and only the information they are meant to see. And if a computer crashes? Don't worry! All of your data is hosted on the web and backed up with strict HIPAA Compliance protocol.

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